5 Tips for Safe Driving this Winter

5 Tips for Safe Driving this Winter


Winter driving can cause even the most accomplished driver to have a slip. Bill Plant Driving School prides itself on the quality of our instructors and their focus on safe driving. We’ve therefore compiled our top 5 tips for driving in the winter weather to help you drive as safely and confidently as possible this holiday season!

Top 5 Tips for Safe Driving this Winter

  1. Allow extra time for your journey
  2. Use dipped headlights in poor visibility (don’t forget to turn off when no longer needed)
  3. Make sure all windows are clear of snow and ice on the outside and de-misted on the inside (use air-con
  4. Check your screen wash and top up as needed with winter additive
  5. Ensure your tyres are in good condition and inflated to the recommended pressure


Theo Tucker