Hints and tips to save fuel while driving

Hints and tips to save fuel while driving


Driving efficiently doesn’t just mean safely and confidently – it also takes into responsible fuel consumption and a strong regard for the environment. We believe in responsible eco-driving and have listed our best hints and tips here to help you try and reduce your environmental impact while also lowering you overall driving costs.

Hints and tips to save fuel while driving

These tips are practical changes you can start taking on board today to better the quality of your driving for both you as an individual and the world!

  • Check your tyres’ pressure at least every two weeks. Under inflated tyres increase fuel consumption dramatically.
  • Only half fill the tank, more weight means less economy over time.
  • Turn off the engine if stationary for more than a minute of two.
  • Stick to speed limits, 56mph instead of 70mph uses 25% less fuel.
  • Park in the shade, this minimizes fuel evaporation and reduces the need for air conditioning to be used.
  • Reverse into parking spaces. Driving smoothly away without a high revving reversing manoeuver, especially when the engine is cold, saves fuel.

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